Fever, Part 3

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The three of them made it back to Tinsley’s house with only the minimum of tears from Sam, who had caught sight of the cereal aisle, with its growing number of shelves filled with colorful, too expensive brand cereal. Tinsley allowed him to choose two, which floored Sam for a good ten minutes, who began to cry as they left the aisle, as he was now certain he would never see such richness again. 

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Fever, Part 1

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It’s 1987 and John Winchester leaves four-year old Sam and eight-year old Dean with a friend, Tinsley, a happy-go-lucky interior designer who, to Dean’s horror, seems to know nothing of the supernatural. While he is at first reluctant to accept her presence, he unknowingly warms up to her – just in time for his family’s legacy with the supernatural to catch up with them all.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, written solely as fanfiction, all rights to Supernatural to the CW.

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Fever, Part 2

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By the time they caught up to Tinsley and Sam, Tinsley had Sam on a chair at the table in her kitchen and was kneeling before him wiping a dampened washcloth over his face and neck and cooing to him all the while. Sam gazed at her in apparent rapture, his wide eyes never leaving her face. 

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