The Library Haul With Intent

Last night I made a stop at one of my favorite places in the world: the library. Did I need to check out more books? Absolutely not. I already had a bagful out, but I couldn’t help myself, upon returning some books, to beeline toward the shelves and pick up a few more.

So, I want to share my library haul with you here, but I want to share it with a certain intention. In my previous post, I talked about the beginning of my journey of discovering what daily and short term goals really are and implementing them in my life. While I’m still in the midst of learning different techniques and discovering what that actually looks like for me, as far as reading goes, I have had some ideas in my head for quite awhile.

I tend to get many, many books out of the library at once. In fact, I did that last night, when I checked out a second batch of books, never mind the first batch waiting for me at home.

I have serious FOMO about reading. I am always convinced that there are other books I could be reading, or better books, or that I’m somehow going to miss that book that I really should have read. Oddly, this isn’t necessarily connected to anyone else, or to social media, but a mindset I simply have for and about myself.

It drives me nuts.

But, it often leads me to some pretty interesting books too. Not only do I gather books I want to read from Goodreads or Booktok or Booktube, but I also pick books because of their covers, because of their thickness, or thinness, or even their proximity to other books I’ve read. If I’ve looked up a book in the library catalog, I’m usually also perusing the entire shelf – just in case.

I enjoy this, and I don’t plan on stopping, but I also come home with way too many books that I don’t end up reading. It’s important to read this previous sentence in its entirety – I don’t actually believe in too many books, just too many books I haven’t read.

All the above is the why for this library haul with intent – the intent to read every book I’ve checked out.

So, without further ado, I give you last night’s library haul, and consequently, my TBR List.

In no particular order:

As you can see, I gravitated towards mysteries and thrillers last night, and honestly I’ve been meaning to read more in those very genres, so that worked out. I also want to try to read a mix of new and old books, so there are some new releases in the mix, as well as a few that are a few years older.

The Historian will be, in fact, a re-read, but I haven’t read it in years and I’m interested to see what I think of it now. It’s been so long that I’ve actually forgotten most of it, so it’s almost like reading it anew, again.

My intent with this haul, in the spirit of my journey of trying to make and achieve daily and short term goals is to start my goals that have to do with reading. As a blogger, who talks about books on several platforms, having a TBR list that I would actually finish gives me content and ideas. And, I’ve missed the fun of reading and talking about books with other book lovers. Actually finishing a book and being able to talk about it online or with friends is one of the joys of reading for me.

I am perfectly capable of reading or not reading a book without talking about it online, however. Which is what the other batch of library books is for. While I am presenting this batch to the “public”, my readers, the other batch is also a mish-mash of genres that I picked up here and there, and therefore reserve the right to read here and there. I have a few series’ that I’m re-reading (some of which I’ve mentioned in previous posts, like this one and this one) and some books that I want to try out and explore. But that book pile is strictly for funzies – whereas this pile is also for funzies, but more intentional funzies.

Intentional funzies. #intentionalfunzies. I like it.

Now my only problem is to pick which book to start with.

What a lovely problem to have.

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