The Brain Freeze

Productivity can be a struggle. When I think of ways I want to be productive – or should be – my brain freezes to a halt. Not only am I frozen by all the possible productive things I could be doing, I’m frozen in confusion as to what productive things I could be doing to achieve my goals. And today, it hit me.

I have no idea what a short term or daily goal is.

I mean, I do. But then again I don’t. Here’s what I mean: whenever I’m contemplating what productive things I could be doing, what my brain is really supplying me with are these:

  • my own home
  • different job
  • write/publish a novel

As I’m sure all of my readers have noticed, none of these are actually daily goals, or anything that could even be construed as productive. Sure, moving into a new home could be considered productive, but it doesn’t necessarily lend itself to productivity. It’s not something that can be put on a daily to-do list. Neither is finding a different job, or writing a novel.

In fact, some of these things could be considered a life-style choice. When I move, I actually want to move out-of-state, to somewhere that has different seasons. That’s a life-style change, not a productive daily goal.

Why does my brain supply me with this list when I think of ways to be productive? Because these are my long term goals. These are the achievements that those productive things are supposed to help me accomplish. But the key term here is long term. Someday. Future goals. Dreams.

The problem here is that I’m jumping straight from what I could do today to what I want to achieve in the future.

I’m realizing that for daily productivity I need to discover what a daily goal actual is. I need to discover what productivity actually is, and how it can not only help me achieve my long term goals, but also achieve my daily goals.

So, in the next few weeks, I’m really going to buckle down and discover what those daily goals are, and what they look like for me. Because here’s another truth: daily goals for me will look different from daily goals for you.

However, I’m still going to bring you on this journey with me, because a) I could use the accountability and b) maybe I’m not the only one who has realized they have no idea what productivity actually looks like, or what a daily goals actually is.

I doubt I will discover some new, amazing technique to be productive, but I will share here with you anyway. At the very least, I can offer my own perspective on the subject, from someone who has realized they need to relearn what the concept actually is.

Here’s to being productive.

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