the writing prompt with the church

Your character is lost and they come upon this church. Where are they? Who are they? Is there someone in the church. A friend? Someone sinister, or someone who is an enemy? Why are they there? Use the setting to invoke a response out of your character that is not normal for them. 

Your character meets an AI/alien (your choice) at this setting. What is their conversation like? Are they becoming friends, long-time friends - is this their first meeting? Write a story or scene of how an interaction between an alien/AI and a human in a church would turn out. 

Your character is in an alternate universe where everything is the same except for the fact that there is magic/supernatural creatures. What happens in this church? Is it surprisingly mundane? Or fantastically supernatural? Use this setting to explore fantasy and religion. 

There's a mystery in this setting, and your character is trying to figure out how to solve it/figure out what it is? Is the mystery something that happened in the past? Is it a mystery that's happening right now? Why is the church important to solving the mystery? How important is the mystery and the church to your character?

There's a romance happening at this setting. Do the characters fall in love on Sunday, during service? Are they meeting during the week, at a AA meeting, or a sewing circle? Are they meeting at night, in the churchyard, out of the prying eyes of their parents/family?

Write of a horror that happens in this setting that is interconnected with the failings of religion at its worst. What happens here? How does your character interact with the religion before and after? How does this effect their life from here on out? How does it effect the church and the church people?

Tag #knboeprompts or Glimpses Here and There if you post your story online! Post your links in the comment section below. Have fun and happy writing!

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