What is a Good Rhythm?

Not only is the word rhythm hard to spell (every single time, I forget the damn ‘h’) but it’s also hard to find when you’re starting something new, or continuing something after a break.

It’s hard for some people to find when they’re dancing. It’s hard for some people to find when they’re in a new relationship.

It’s hard for people to find when they’re writing.

Whether you’re blogging or writing a novel, finding that rhythm in your writing can be hard. I’ve just started blogging regularly again, and my rhythm was completely thrown off by getting sick (not COVID, don’t worry. Just a lovely little sinus infection).

I was jubilantly posting every day and then – BAM!- a palpable hit right in the sinuses. Trying to look at a screen when you’re dizzy from the pressure building up in your sinuses is not a fun prospect. So, I took a much-needed rest.

But, that also made me think of my blogging rhythm in a new light. Did I really want to try to keep up the effort it would take to post every day – and not just #shitposting either. Meaningful, fun, hopefully intelligent posts that people would genuinely enjoy reading. Could I keep that up everyday?

At the moment: no. In the near future: also no. Someday: there’s always a hope.

As far as my novel writing rhythm goes: just imagine me crying into a glass of rum and Coca Cola with an entire novel and part of a second one mapped out in my head as I stare at a blank screen. Rhythm? There is just silence. (I’m laugh-crying as I write this).

What would be a good rhythm? For me, specifically, and when you consider this question, I want you to think for you, specifically. Because one writer’s rhythm is different from another’s. What works for you? What helps you produce work – not more work, not better work: work in general. Are you producing pieces? Finished pieces? It’s not a matter of whether their posted or published, but whether they exist.

That’s the sort of rhythm I’m talking about. The most basic rhythm.

The primal writer’s rhythm.

Because, if I get that primal writer’s rhythm down, I will have blog posts to schedule, and therefore I will have a regular schedule of posts on my blog. If I find that writer’s rhythm with my novel, I’ll be able to bungle my way through the first draft, because the most important thing a first draft does is exist.

I will be searching for my rhythm. Do you need to find your rhythm? Do you need a new one? A slower one? A faster one? Let me know your thoughts about a writer’s rhythm in the comments!

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