When Your Writing Space is Not Ideal

At the moment, not only do I not have an ideal writing spot, there’s not even a ‘spot’ that I could reasonably call my own. I am currently living in someone else’s house, trying to fit myself into what little space they will give me.

This is a hard thing to admit for anyone, but I think there are a lot more people in my situation than anyone allows to be showed to others or even online. People relying on other people to shelter them while their going through a transition or a hard time.

Through all that, do I just not participate in my passions? Do I just stop writing? No, of course not. I can’t. So, here I am, with a lap desk I bought online, tapping away on my laptop on the guest bed in the guest bedroom of the apartment I am currently living in.

I am not complaining. I am not ungrateful, dear God, I am the exact opposite. And this isn’t a bad situation that I’m living in. But this is, very clearly, not my home, and I so long for home.

In a way, I’ve made writing like a bit of home. As long as I can write, I have a bit of home with me. My home. Not anyone else’s.

With my writing space not being ideal, I’ve simply just kept writing, knowing that not writing would be worse. I’ve worked around the difficulties and the stuff that’s not quite right. Like buying myself a lap desk with legs so my neck isn’t craned downwards all the time, or getting a reading pillow so my back can be straight even though I don’t have a proper chair.

These little things have actually gone a long way to improve my writing space of the now so I can work for my writing space of the future.

What is your writing space situation? Do you have a ‘spot’, or is it taken up by other people or other things? Can you change that? Do you need to?

Every writer has their own version of an ideal writing space, and every writer has their own version of the writing space they have right now. Are they the same? Or do things need to move, change, fall into place for it to become what it needs to be.

Dream with me for a bit.

My ideal writing space would include:

  • an actual desk.
    • a desk for only writing, with only my writing accoutrement in it.
  • a desktop computer
    • I need a bigger monitor. also, I’ve grown used to working on a desktop at work and I like it.
  • plenty of natural light
    • no one wants a gloomy writing space, and natural light, to me, is the cheeriest light.
  • separate from my sleeping space
    • sometimes, I need that separation to be able to turn on or shut off my writing brain, and having a designated writing spot will help with that.

What does your ideal writing space look like? Can you move toward that ideal? Can you at least begin to work toward it?

I highly recommend dreaming up your own ideal writing space and allowing yourself to explore what achieving that might look like.

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