the writing prompt with the horse

Write of a surprise meeting between two people, because of this horse, at this setting. Do they like each other? Hate each other? Does the horse belong to either of them? Is it wild? What is this place? Use the setting to create an odd atmosphere for a surprise meeting.  

Write a story about ex-Earthlings who come back after centuries away on another planet. The image above is one of the odd things that they see as they travel on the earth. What has happened on the earth since then? Is it disastrous? Is it the same? Have these people ever seen a horse before? What would someone from another planet think of this setting?

It's a time traveling fiasco! Write a story about someone from the past traveling to the future by some magical means (fairy stones, perhaps?). An innocent modern person is taking photographs of the plane when the person from the past appears out of nowhere, riding the horse in the image above. What is their meeting like? Is this person from the past famous? Write about a meeting between someone from the future and the past. 

There's a mystery surrounding the setting above. How does the horse figure into the mystery? Is the mystery recent, or is it a cold case? Who is trying to solve the mystery? Is it a mystery surrounding a family, and the only person interested in solving it is the black sheep of the family? Is it a detective hired by someone? Did someone die in the airplane? Write a mystery using the image above as inspiration. 

Two rival photographers are taking pictures at the setting above. The horse is audience to an argument that may or may not end up in the two reconciling or falling in love. Why are the two angry at each other? Whose fault is it? Both? Just one person? Are they enemies-to-lovers, or have they broken up long ago? Write a romance using the image above as inspiration. 

Write a story where this setting is the site of a haunting. The horse and other animals are afraid or in danger, but whatever is haunting this site does like other people? What happens at this site? Who keeps trying to figure the haunting out? Or do innocent people simply come across the haunting? Are they hurt or killed, or just frightened? Use the image above to write a horror inspired story. 

Tag #knboeprompts or Glimpses Here and There if you post your story online! Post your links in the comment section below. Have fun and happy writing!

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