Hello, Hello

My name is Kendra, or K.N. Boe. I’m a writer and avid reader, music and art lover, and anxious perfectionist with impossible standards. So, of course I’m writing a blog.

I am excited for this particular foray into blogging. Unlike my other attempts, I have much more confidence in myself and my style of writing. I’m still exploring who I am as a writer (and as a person), but I’m confident enough now to be able to take you on that journey with me.

You can expect book reviews, casual disquisitions on everything reading or writing, short stories, excerpts and announcements from upcoming novels written by myself, and a weekly roundup of my Word of the Day’s that I do on Tik Tok.

My Instagram and Tik Tok are linked on the contact page, so head over there if you want to connect on other platforms!

I hope you find something interesting, enjoyable, reflective, impactful, heartbreaking, funny, or memorable at Kendra&Story.

Thank you!

Love, Kendra

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